Teachers, Students, Parents and Workers TOGETHER


Rally for Community-based Plan for the Future of Education in Philadelphia

Join Teachers, Students, Parents and Workers

Thursday, December 13th
440 N. Broad Street

PCAPS (Philadelphia Coalition Advocating for Public Schools) will unveil our vision for Excellent Philadelphia Public Schools. Over the past few months community stakeholders have made their voices heard in creating a plan that can move our schools forward.

Coming off of the 300 person community conference in September, PCAPS has organized neighborhood town hall forums, dozens of youth listening sessions in schools, and collected over 1500 community surveys. Meanwhile The School Reform Commission listens to corporate interests and is forging ahead with a five year plan of cutbacks and school closings.

On December 13th leaders from our coalition will gather on the steps of the School District Building to unveil the plan that all of you had a role in shaping. It’s simple. We need you there to launch the beginning of our campaign to save our public schools and the future of students across our city. BE THERE.