School Change, Not School Closings

Come out on Thursday, May 31st, 4:30 p.m.
440 N. Broad St.


On this day the SRC will decide the fate of public education in our city.


Be There to Vote No Confidence in a plan that • • • • •

  • Closes 64 schools and keeps the names secret
  • Pushes 40% of our students into charters
  • Turns all of our schools over to third-­‐party operators
  • Tells us to live with a budget that short changes our children
  • Outsources jobs and school management to private companies

Be There to Demand…

Investment in what we know works.

We need smaller class sizes, libraries, nurses, arts and music, a challenging and innovative curriculum, career education and extra curricular opportunities.

Fund Our Schools.

Philadelphia spends half of what Lower Merion spends to educate a child. Harrisburg and City Hall need to step up and fund schools, not prisons.

Keep Public Schools Public.

Don’t contract out management of our schools and school services to the lowest bidder. Respect the collective bargaining rights of school employees.

Keep Neighborhood Schools Open.

We need accessible schools that are hubs of community life, not more abandoned buildings.

Educators, Parents, Students and the Community Must Have a Voice.

The voices of thousands of parents, students, educators, school workers and community members cannot be ignored. These are our schools. We will not be shut out.