Flipping The Script

Flipping the Script: Teacher Dispatches from Philadelphia

Building Community / / Telling Our Stories

Join TAG-Philly for a yearlong series of events, trainings, and media-focused offerings intended to share the actual experiences of educators in Philadelphia.

TAG’s goals:
Building A Community of Educators:  Through sharing our stories, hearing from others who may be going through something similar, and learning from how others respond to the countless barriers set in front of us, we can begin to lose the sense of isolation that plagues far too many teachers.  It is time to build connections with other progressive educators to strengthen our commitment, reinvigorate our passion and sustain our work.

Flipping the Script: Multi-million dollar public relations campaigns are being waged to frame educators as “The Problem” of “School Failure.”  We’re backwards, greedy, lazy, unwilling to make change, hiding behind our unions, afraid of our kids and communities, and, in a word, bad.  It’s time to take control of the narrative and show how dynamic, hardworking, committed, innovative, and transformative we are, even in the face of so many systemic obstacles and attacks on our students and profession.

Empowering Ourselves: Telling our stories is powerful — whether we’re celebrating a success, reflecting on a mistake, or bringing light to an injustice.  This yearlong series will give teachers multiple opportunities to share our stories, learn and use new media tools, and then turn the learning into curriculum for our students.

Join TAG-Philly this year.

Come out to one of our events, write/record/present a story for our blog, take a media empowerment training.

Download the flyer —-> TAG_flipping the script_flyer