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Announcing the 2015 Mayoral Report Card

Philadelphia 2015 Mayoral Report Card on Education (1)

Every candidate talks about great schools – that’s not hyperbole, education is the #1 issue among likely voters in Philadelphia. That’s great. What’s not-so-great is politicians who love talking about great schools but loathe talking about what makes them great. These men and women are trying to get elected, so the goal is to present their ideas as broadly as possible.

For those of us in the actual schools, that doesn’t work. Does a great school support their teachers’ rights to organize? Do they suspend children who opt-out of high stakes testing? This matters a lot, but is rarely discussed.

As a sequel to our 2014 Governor’s Report Card, here’s our assessment of the current Democratic Mayoral Field, based on their responses to our survey. You can read the survey, the responses, and our reasoning.

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-The Candidate Report Card Inquiry to Action Group