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Inquiry to Action Groups (ItAGs) are Back!

Courtesy of Teachers for Social Justice

Teacher Action Group is pleased to offer an opportunity for teachers to build community, engage as learners, and develop as activists.

ITAGs bring together educators from around the city to discuss and study topics related to social justice in education, and then create an action connected to what they learned. They are an opportunity for educators to come together in a meaningful professional development setting, and to build community with others who are also concerned with how education and social justice intersect. ITAGS will take place this year over a six to eight week period in February and March.

Interested in getting involved?

Join Us:
Thursday, November 1st
Initial Meeting of Interested Facilitators

The meeting is a chance to learn more about the process. We will explain what facilitators do (and don’t do!) and their overall responsibilities. We will also brainstorm ItAG topics and give feedback to topics that people might be ready to propose.

Coming to the meeting does not mean you are committed to being a facilitator — it’s just a chance to check it out!

Our Kick-off for this year will happen in the winter of 2013.