Monthly Archives: June 2011

We Said We’d Be Back

Tell Dr. Ackerman and the SRC:
Make Students, Teachers and Communities the Priority.
We Demand Fully Funded Schools.

In this moment of Budget Cuts and Massive Teacher and Staff Lay-offs, the School District continues to make decisions to dismantle our public schools.

Teacher Action Group, along with the Endorsement of the PFT, is calling for The People’s SRC Meeting.

This Tuesday, June 21st, join hundreds of teachers, students, parents and community members in taking back local control of OUR District.

Give and hear Public Testimony on the human impact of the SRC’s budget and priorities.
Vote on real Resolutions for School Reform.
Show what True Leadership looks like.

What: The People’s SRC Meeting
When: Tuesday, June 21st @ 5pm
Where: School District Building.  440 North Broad St.

Some background: The School Reform Commission (SRC), imposed upon the Philadelphia School District in 2001, is an undemocratic body. They are not elected and have no way of being held accountable. Especially given what happened at the June 13th SRC meeting, as the SRC and District forcibly restricted teachers and citizens from participating, it is time to show this District what democracy looks like.

Come out Tuesday June 21st to the school district building for a rally and The People’s SRC Meeting at 5:00 to demand the District prioritize fully and equitably funded schools.

Fully and Equitably Funded Schools mean:

  • Small Class Sizes – NO Teacher Lay-offs
  • Keep Schools PUBLIC – Stop privatizing our schools
  • Art and Music Opportunities
  • Science and Social Studies – Not just Test Prep
  • Counselors and Social Workers
  • English Language Learning support
  • Special Education
  • Transportation
  • Libraries and Certified Librarians
  • Accelerated Schools

We refuse to let the District, city and state sell-out our students, teachers and communities to the highest bidder in order to ‘balance their budget.’

The TIME IS NOW to continue our pressure and move our collective energy toward winning systemic change in this District.