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Upwards of 600 Demand Full Inclusion in School Reform in Philadelphia

Hundreds of teachers, students, parents and community members rallied for our true decision-making power in school change.

Upwards of 600 people rallied at School District Headquarters on Friday, February 25th, demanding an end to student and teacher intimidation by the District and a full and legitimate role in decision-making about the future of Philadelphia Public Schools.

Teachers, students, parents and community members from all across the city responded to a call issued by the Teacher Action Group, making Friday’s turnout the largest in history at 440 N. Broad St.

Impassioned speeches were given by TAG members David Kirui, Bridget Finnegan, Frank Murphy, and Mary Del Salvio; Audenreid 11th grader, Maurice Johnson and Audenreid teacher, Hope Moffett; Asian Americans United leader, Helen Gym; Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign organizer, Cheri Honkala; and PFT President, Jerry Jordan sent a statement to be read in his absence.

Maurice Johnson, Audenreid 11th grader

Speakers addressed the democratic right of teachers and students to speak our opinions and ask questions of our District.  They spoke on the detrimental effects of the District labeling our schools and our students as “failures” and then handing them over to outside providers.  Speakers also stressed the importance of the District looking to communities for guidance in making decisions about the future of our schools, and giving us a transparent and open process for being a part of school reform.

"More collaboration. No intimidation!"

From Cairo to Wisconsin, communities are gathering momentum and demanding dignity and respect.  The movement is truly gathering energy in Philadelphia.

Please join TAG as we continue to build with students, parents and communities to demand to be part of making the decisions for OUR schools, in OUR city!

We will NOT be intimidated! Rally THIS Friday, February 25th

Teacher Action Group calls on teachers, students, parents and all supporters of Public Education.

Tell Dr. Ackerman and the SRC:

“We will NOT be intimidated!”

Rally for Public Education

Friday, February 25th at  4:00pm

440 N. Broad St.

We DEMAND that the School District of Philadelphia:

1. Give Students, Parents, Teachers and Community Members a legitimate role in directing School Reform in Philadelphia

Students, Parents, Educators and Communities have first-hand experiences and ideas about what needs to change in our schools.  The District consistently offers us only symbolic advisory roles that have no real impact on final decision-making.  We DEMAND to be a part of the decisions that will affect our lives and our schools.

2.     Stop Intimidating Teachers and Students

We have a Democratic Right to express our opinions and ask questions of our District.  These are OUR schools.  We DEMAND the District stop threatening and disciplining our teachers and students who speak out.

3.     Have a Transparent Process of School Change

The District is targeting our schools by calling them “failures” without showing us adequate data to back up their decisions.  The District is continuing to take over schools without proof that the Renaissance Schools process is even working.  We DEMAND answers and transparency.

Join us!

Friday, February 25th at 4:00pm
440 N. Broad St.

We WILL NOT be intimidated!


Even if we have to wear a disguise, we will stand up and speak out.

For more information, contact

Download Poster Here -> 022511_rally_poster

Justice in the Classroom — Upcoming Professional Development by and for ALL Educators

Join TAG’s Restorative Justice Working Committee as we gather educators from across the city for this important workshop on Restorative Justice Practices.

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• Get support & share challenges to and strategies for non-punitive classroom management and institutional change

• Hear from Philadelphia public school teachers and students about concrete and successful peer mediation and restorative practices

• Brainstorm ideas for advocacy and implementation

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