Announcing TAG’s Summer of Action!

IMG_4770Thousands of you joined us in Harrisburg to deliver a message to our state elected officials — Philadelphia won’t stand for anything other than #fullfairfunding.

Unfortunately, the PA budget has not provided us with what we need. Our politicians are choosing to abandon public schools. No one will save us except us — so we need to take charge as teachers and community leaders and remind the public that our schools belong to everybody.

Announcing TAG’s 2013 Summer of Action!

Take Action with these four easy steps:

1. Educate Yourself. Read up, if you haven’t yet:

“The Coming Revolution in Public Education” — national perspective from The Atlantic.

“Corbett Plan for Philly Falls Short of $180 Million” — detailed breakdown of what the state (hasn’t) pledged, via the Notebook.

“The Solution to US Public Schools is Not Corporate America” – Local journalist Dan Denvir connecting Philadelphia to larger trends.

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2. Be a perpetual megaphone. Too many folks in Philadelphia — and across the country — have no idea what’s going on in our schools, or what major forces are out to dismantle public education. Make sure that your family, friends, neighbors, and especially your school community knows what’s up! Share the above articles, show people the big picture and let them know that “austerity” and “shared sacrifice” are just a cover for a bigger, deliberate political agenda.

3. Get Trained. Now that you know what you’re talking about, you need some skills in getting the word out there! Mark your calendars for our organizer training on Wednesday, July 17th from 1:30 – 4:30 PM, hosted by the experts from the Philadelphia Student Union at the offices of the Media Mobilizing Project (4223 Chestnut Street.) Register here for the training!

4. Take it to the streets. Watch your e-mail for an invitation to canvassing days across Philadelphia, organized by PCAPS. Teachers, students, and parents will be working together to raise the consciousness of our city, one household at a time.