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9th Annual Education for Liberation Conference: Call for workshops, tables, and volunteers

Connecting the Dots: Building Solidarity to Transform our City and Schools

May 5, 2018, 9:30-4:00pm

It is critical that we see how issues of education justice connect directly to broader movements for racial, economic and gender justice.  When we connect the dots, we recognize our responsibility to deepen our analysis, strengthen our commitment to solidarity, and push ourselves toward further action.

What does it mean for students, families, and educators to be in solidarity with each other?  

At this conference, we invite participants to see the connections between struggles  inside and outside of schools so that we challenge the social systems of violence that make it hard for any of us to show up whole.

Join us at TAG’s 9th annual Education for Liberation Conference!

Workshops + Panels + Resource Tables + Lunchtime Conversations

Be part of a day that brings people together to learn, create, grow, and push back to build the educational spaces all students deserve.

Breakfast, lunch, and childcare provided.

We are looking for participants who would like to lead a workshop, table, share student work in our student gallery, lead a lunch time conversation or volunteer at the event. To join us in any of these ways, sign up at