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Register NOW: Education for Liberation Conference on Saturday, May 6th

Crawl Spaces* for Liberation:
Educate to Transform

Saturday, May 6
9:30 — 4:00
Hosted by our Co-Sponsor Folk Arts and Cultural Treasures Charter School
1023 Callowhill St.

We see liberation as freedom, as control over our own lives balanced with the responsibility to a larger collective purpose. Crawl spaces* for liberation can exist everywhere, from daily interactions between educators and students to curriculum design to policy making. How can we identify and seize opportunities to create these crawl spaces? When the work of education is subject to competing agendas, how do we harness our power to build towards a movement for individual and collective transformation?

In this time of increasingly dangerous political shifting and uncertainty, it is urgent that we and our students engage in humanizing education to prepare us to take control, lead, imagine and create a better world.

Join us at TAG’s 8th annual Education for Liberation Conference!  The Conference’s panels, workshops, tablers, and lunchtime conversations will create space to witness, learn from and build on the crawl spaces that exist within our school communities. Be part of a day that brings people together to learn, create, grow, and push back to build the educational spaces all students deserve. Breakfast, lunch, and childcare provided. 

Click here to register!

*See Jay Gillen’s book “Educating for Insurgency” for more on “crawl spaces.”