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Developing Cultural Competency Among School Staff

The members of the Inquiry to Action Group Social Justice Educators on a Path of Cultural Relevancy would like to share their collaboratively created module, “Developing Cultural Competency Among School Staff.”

This module is meant to empower school personnel to lead a professional development series that centers on confronting issues of language, culture, and race in educational contexts. There are six sessions designed to be flexible enough for facilitators to adapt the module to suit participant needs and school schedule. The session topics correspond to the partner text: Rethinking Multicultural Education: Teaching for Racial and Cultural Justice.

It has been shared in part at multiple workshops, and implemented in its entirety at Stetson, where the candid, meaningful discussions about language, culture and race continue as participants strive to provide a more relevant and socially equitable learning environment.

Please share widely!

Developing Cultural Competency Among School Staff