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Community School Budget Forum

TAG invites you to participate in: A Community Budget Forum

Wednesday, March 23, 6-8pm
Calvary UMC (48th St. and Baltimore Ave)

Your Voice, Your Schools

Come to hear from knowledgeable speakers, discuss the current budget crisis, and stand up for our schools.

Panelists include:

Alan Butkovitz, City Controller

State Representative James Roebuck, Democratic Chair of House Education Committee

David Lapp, Staff Attorney, Education Law Center

Dr. “Torch” Lytle, UPenn Professor and former District administrator

Joshua Glenn, Youth Self-Empowerment Project

A staff member from the PFT

Join other teachers, students, parents and some of the city’s decision makers to discuss:

Teacher layoffs
School closings
Renaissance Schools and Promise Academies
Impacts in the classroom
Community involvement

Co-sponsored by Action United and Education not Incarceration

The SRC Can’t Lock Us Out Forever

Over 100 teachers, parents and students showed up at the March 16th SRC meeting to demand a voice in OUR schools' futures.

Over 100 teachers, parents and students showed up at the SRC meeting to demand a voice in OUR schools’ futures.  Even though 75 of us were locked out in a hallway for over 2.5 hours, we stayed strong in our message that we must BRING DEMOCRACY BACK in Philadelphia.  Our speakers testified on the harsh and depressing realities of teaching in Broken Promise Academies, as well as the countless ways that communities have been undercut and ignored in the Renaissance Schools process.

However, the SRC bulldozed over communities’ convictions and demands against privatizing our schools, and handed over 8 public schools into private, outside charter managers.

It is clear that the momentum is building.  We must continue to work together as teachers, parents and students to reclaim public schools for the PUBLIC.

The Struggle Continues

This Wednesday, March 16th, the Struggle Continues!

Come out to the SRC to Demand:

* An End to Silencing Teachers and Students

* A Real Voice in School Change for Students, Parents, Teachers and Community Members

*  A Transparent Process of School Change

Two weeks ago TAG demonstrated at the School District Headquarters, over five hundred strong, to demand an end to the exclusion of parents, students, teachers, and community residents from school reform, an end to the intimidation of teachers and students, and for a democratic, transparent process.

Since then, things have intensified:

* The District has moved to terminate Hope Moffett, allegedly for “endangering students’ welfare.”   But, as even the District’s own confused recounting of the charges against Moffett indicates, her real “misconduct” was her outspoken criticism of the District’s actions at Audenreid and her unwillingness to submit to a gag order.

* The District continues to forge ahead with handing over schools to outside providers, even against mounting student and community protest, and without providing legitimate or consistent data.

* The Governor has announced the gruesome state budget, stripping at least half a billion dollars from our schools.

* Protests are spreading throughout the city — from Audenreid to King to Olney to the steps of 440.

While the SRC’s vote to fire Hope Moffett might not happen next Wednesday thanks to the efforts of the PFT and their injunction against the school district, we still need to be there to stand up for Moffett and against the culture of fear and intimidation that we all experience day in, day out.

On March 16th, the SRC will also be asked to approve outside provider matches for 8 more schools slated for privatization.  In spite of growing opposition, in spite of the biggest budget crisis in thirty years, in spite of no substantive evidence that the Renaissance Schools project works, the District forges ahead.

On March 16th, hundreds of teachers will be there to say NO to intimidation, exclusion, and top down decisions.